Gameboycameraman's Camera

Hi and welcome to my Game Boy Camera inspired project.

I've created this free experiment for everyone and I hope a lot of people will have a chance to play with these pixels!

You can take a picture and then save it. On mobile, saving it will display the picture on this page. You'll have to tap and hold on the picture and you will then be able to save it on your phone.

I really hope you will find it enjoyable and if you post the pictures you take using this app on social medias think about tagging me @gameboycameraman or mentioning me, I'd love to see and share what you do with this!

You will find a video tutorial on my instagram profile @gameboycameraman on how to do it for iOS device.

If you appreciate the work I've done here and what I do on my Instagram, think about supporting me through my ko-fi!

If you're able to help and support me I'll continue working on this app and try to add new features.